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Why are the numbers so low? In large part, it's because many companies have bought into the myth that the Internet is a self-service channel. They assume they should let their online customers help themselves to whatever product or service they need-be it reserving their own airline tickets or configuring their own automobiles. The problem is that when a company does less, the customer ends up doing more-and most customers don't want to do more. In many cases, self-service sites just leave customers frustrated and annoyed.

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-Harvard Business Review
"Exploding the Self-Service Myth"
May-June 2000

Sell more with Lightflow.

Why Lightflow?


Lightflow helps a business sell more online.

Businesses have realized that the Internet's holy grail -- complete customer self-service -- is not practical for all but the most simple transactions. With most Internet retail operations suffering from low sales conversion rates, many companies are looking for a way to integrate the power of live sales assistance with the power of the Internet.

Lightflow has created a proprietary technology that addresses this situation. Our technology offers the next step in online sales assistance:

Lightflow's Customer Page adds a new level of interactivity to today's transaction methods. It acts as an "anchor" for the customer on a company's website -- a kiosk of information available before, during and after transactions. Customer Page content is unlimited and can be assembled from any number of sources.

This technology allows a company to add the right amount of live sales assistance at the right time to an online transaction. Lightflow helps you sell more.

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